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Peach Shredder PS400-00

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Technical Data (23)
Brand Peach
SKU 510789 (PS400-00)
EAN 7640169587313
Shredder Type Streifenschnitt / Strip Cut
Typ skartace Streifenschnitt / Strip Cut
Stupen utajení P-2 / T-2 podle DIN 66399
Security Level P-2 / T-2 according to DIN 66399
Hlucnost < 72 dB (A)
Noise Level < 72 dB (A)
Kapacita rezu 7 [70g/m2], 6 [80g/m2] listy [80g/m2]
Cutting Capacity 7 [70g/m2], 6 [80g/m2] sheets
Particle Size 6 mm
Automatická funkce Start Ja / Yes
Auto Start Function Ja / Yes
Velikost cástic 6
Šírka nože 220
Throat Width 220 mm
Cutting Speed 2.4 m/min
Rychlost skartování 2.4
Zpetná funkce uvolnení Ja / Yes
Reverse Function for Jam Release Ja / Yes
Ochrana proti prehrátí Ja / Yes
Overheat Protection Ja / Yes
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Data protection at a discount price, the mobile paper shredder - small, fast and valuable.
Space-saving: No additional space required, simply place the shredder on any wastepaper basket.
Performance: For up to 7 sheets 70g/m² (6 sheets 80g/m²) in one step with a strip width of 6 mm.
Allrounder: The shredder fits round and square wastebaskets from 28 to 35 cm in diameter.
Fast: With a cutting speed of 3.3 m/min, more than 8 pages per minute are shredded.
User-friendly: Thanks to automatic start function, overheating protection and reverse operation for dust removal.
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